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Mistaken Identity / Child Support Services

When confronted with being falsely accused of fathering a child 18 years prior and owing back child support I had no idea what to do or where to turn. Many hours were spent trying to work through the massive bureaucracy known as Los Angles County, all to no avail. It was then after talking to a friend I was referred to Rebecca Lizarraga. ...It was obvious these people not only knew what they were doing but also knew who to contact. I cannot say enough about or even begin to express my gratitude to Rebecca and her very competent staff. She took what was a very serious and emotionally terrifying situation and handled it promptly and professionally.

Todd H. Lutz

My son was a victim of Mistaken Identity through a County Agency for Child Support. The agency garnished his wages and intercepted his Federal tax return. He found the family of the children and they were very helpful in getting him the information he needed to clear this up. ...Attorney Rebecca Lizarraga is someone who I would definitely have no problem providing as a referral. She is a very competent, caring attorney, always readily available to her client. She is always available to speak with you, she keeps her clients very well informed of the progress of the case and returns calls in a very timely manner.

Laurie Green

A couple of years ago, I received a court order from L.A. County suing me for child support, I first assumed this was a scam, researched and found out this was not a scam. I contacted L.A. county office and explained this was not me, I never had a child and had never been to California, they were not easy to deal with and were not willing to accept they made a mistake in identity. I was all the way across the country and lost at what to do. Rebecca took my case and all my worries were gone. ... I could only wish all lawyers cared like she does. This was a terrible situation but, I found out that there are still good people in this world and that they do care about you.

Carolyn S.

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